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Our Process

Ultra Cold Extracts uses  our proprietary Ultra Cold Ethanol Extraction System (UCEES) to ensure the finest ingredients for your products. 


Our Products

Ultra Cold Extracts' proprietary system, UCEES, allows us to produce some of the finest full spectrum distillate available in the market. It is the cornerstone of all our products.  Our distillate can be used to make full spectrum tinctures that are pre-formulated for our clients to use directly in their products.  Additionally, we make a full spectrum powder for our clients that want a full spectrum option for the same applications as isolate. Finally, we are introducing 0% THC Distillate. So sign up below for a monthly contract for THC free distillate. 


Our Client Partners

Ultra Cold Extracts  is a wholesale processor serving businesses all over the world.  We help our clients provide the highest quality products to their clients.  Whether you want to make your own products or resell our products, Ultra Cold Extracts is the perfect partner for the retail businesses. Contact Ultra Cold Extracts to learn more about our wholesale products.

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Please feel free to contact us directly for wholesale distillate, Ready to bottle formulas, and isolate.  Copies of COAs are available with purchase inquiries. 


Mon - Sun: 8am - 8pm CST